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The Siamese Club is inspired by an old-school members’ club, such as in the days when men still wore hats and people would dress for cocktails and dinner. The Club is the lounge-bar concept throughout the upper floors of the house and front garden. The heritage and style of the house has been preserved and moulded by designer Hans Bogetoft Christensen. Christensen is renown for his ability to use splashes of modern colors and patterns to bring the past back to life and into a contemporary style. The Siamese Club wishes to lull guests with its essences of halcyon member-club days, classic cocktail culture vibe, and modern signature twists, all paired with Chef Kittichai’s signature cuisine. All décor and fabrics draw from Thai influences and are locally made and produced in Thailand, as well as reclaimed antiques from the region. The Siamese Club also features signature sounds and exceptional music.

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